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Compressors and compressor stations was our bread and butter for over a decade. We have implemented countless designs for this industry and platform. Many times we have been brought in after a low bidder or 'friend' was initially contracted to do the project. We take a lot of pride when we do a project that couldn't be done by others. However, we much prefer to work with the customer up front to develop a design that can meet all of their needs.


A major producer in the Utica chose to use us for implementing their new control system. They had difficulties with their previous systems and wanted to set the standard for future facilities. Several new techniques were developed to facilitate their need for the station to be flexible on their pipeline.


This major domestic producer was having significant problems with their dehydration at their new compressor stations. We came in and helped them develop a new control scheme that made their compressor stations far more reliable and easier to maintain.