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Multiple proprietary plants developed in partnership with an EPC on behalf of the license owner. We were originally contacted after the group went with a competitor that, unfortunately, could not deliver on the requirements of the system. We were brought in to correct the initial plant and finalize development. After weeks of late nights and countless hours the initial plant was operational. We went on to develop and implement the control system for future plants. 

The license holder firmly believes that our control system serves as a major factor in protecting their technology and market share. 


After the first plant was established the end user asked us to develop a control system from scratch that would be more robust, intuitive, and learning from the pilot plants mistakes. The second plant incorporating our design exceeded expectations and served as the basis for future plants.


While much of the plant equipment changed the primary controls did not due to our flexible design. The next evolution of the plant incorporated much more of a 'manless' operation. We added more remote monitoring/control and historical trending. We further had to add extensive performance tracking in way that met regulation requirements.